Upgrading Ghost to 0.5

Ghost just released a new version with a number of nice features and improvements. You can read more here:


If you might have used a Ghost blog site dev workflow such as I explained in my Ghost Workflow post, it's nice to know that nothing in the new version of Ghost breaks the approach I used.

Note that I have only done the upgrade process as decribed below for upgrading from Ghost 0.4 installed on Ubuntu as I describe in my Ghost Workflow post.

It's always a little stressful updating your production sites - especially when you have put in some of your own process around the install. I was very happy that this install went so smooth. For reference, here are the exact as steps I followed. This process is based on Ghost's helpful documentation.

Important Note: Be sure to backup your Ghost data (blog posts and settings) before starting any upgrade process using the Ghost export tool as explained on the Ghost Backup Instructions page. You need to also copy any custom theme directories you might want to backup, although these should be in your Git repo if you're using the same workflow approach as I am.

Local Mac dev install upgrade

First, download the latest version of Ghost from the Ghost download page.

Now extract the files:

cd ~/downloads
unzip ghost-0.5.0.zip -d ghost-0.5.0

Copy the following files to your Ghost install:

cd ghost-0.5.0
cp *.js *.json *.md LICENSE ~/yourblog

Remove the core directory from your blog, copy in the new core directory, and copy in the new casper theme:

rm -rf ~/yourblog/core
cp -R core ~/yourblog
cp -R content/themes/casper ~/yourblog/content/themes

Now you can do the new Ghost install:

cd ~/yourblog
npm install --production
npm start

Ubuntu production upgrade

Download the latest version of Ghost:

cd /home/git/tmp
wget http://ghost.org/zip/ghost-0.5.0.zip

If you set up Ghost to run as an Upstart service, stop your ghost service using stop yourblogservicename. Remember to be logged in as root here, or a user that has permissions to start/stop this service.

Now, as git user, remove the core directory from your blog intsall and copy in the new Ghost files:

su git
cd /home/git/yourblog
rm -rf core
cd /home/git/tmp
unzip -uo ghost-0.5.0.zip -d /home/git/yourblog

Now you're ready to do the install:

cd /home/git/yourblog
npm install --production

You can not test it using npm start, or just restart your blog service (as root) if you have one:

start yourblogservicename

Now check out all the new features Ghost 0.5 has to offer!

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